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The Golden Buzzer Winning Act from America's Got Talent

SIRO-A is a non-verbal technodelic performance group from Tokyo, Japan.

The group's name SIRO means "white" in Japanese,distinguished by their white-painted faces.

SIRO-A amazed the world by their performance on America's Got Talent season10,

with winning "Golden Buzzer" from Piers Morgan and standing ovation from all notable judges,

that has sent them to the live performance at Radio City Music Hall.

A sensational fusion of high-tech and human

SIRO-A is a revolution in live entertainment, fusing mime,groundbreaking visual effects,

and a techno soundtrack to bring their crazy imagination into reality.

SIRO-A offers an ultimate collaboration of human and technology that people have never seen before.

Expect to be immersed,surprised and entertained, it has to be experienced “in person” to know what it truly is.

2002 Formed in Tokyo
2007 France "Renne Festival"
2010 Shanghai Expo
2011 Scottland “Edinburgh Festival Fringe”
2012 Europe Tour
2013 Singapore “Flipside Festival”
London long-running shows “Technodelic Visual Show”
Taiwan ”The 2013 Digital Performing Arts Festival”
2014 India “Techfest'2014”
Germany-US Tour
HongKong Live Show “SIRO-A Spectacle Projection Mapping Show”
London long-running show “SIRO-A” d
2015 NBC “America’s Got Talent Season 10”
Scottland “Edinburgh Festival Fringe”
South Korea “Asia Culture Festival”
2016 Bahrain “2016 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix”
Colombia “La Noche Azul de ESSA”
Brazil “Google Brandcast”
Saudi Arabia “Got Talent Live Show” 
2017 Iran “The 35th Fadjr International Theater Festival”
Sydney long-running show “Techno Circus”
Remarkable Awards
2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe “Spirit of the Fringe 2011”
2015 London Cabaret Award “Best Circus/Speciality Act”
2015 America’s Got Talent Season10 Goldenbuzzer (First Asian Winner)