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In May 2017, That's ZENtertainment will be back as regular show in Asakusa!
“That’s ZENtertainment!” is non-verbal performance for people of all ages and nationalities.

The world-famous performance group SIRO-A presents their amazing mix of cutting edge technology blended with traditional Japanese culture.

A brand-new entertainment fully packed with dance ,comedy, illusion and acrobats will be sent out to the world from Asakusa, Japan!

It’s Fast Entertainment!
The show only lasts for 30 min. costs only 1,999JPY per person! (with one welcome drink)

You can enjoy the show as you enjoy McDonald’s and H&M. We offer 6 shows a day,

you can come to theater wherever you are free, in between shopping and sightseeing.

Headline Acts
・”Ninja” projection-mapping battle

・”Geta” tap dancing

・”Kanji” Shadow puppetry.

・ Percussion performance with “Buddhist altar fittings”

・ Interactive photo performance with audience

Important Notice
・Our service is available in English. We welcome tourists from abroad!

・Take photos during the show! Help spread the word on your SNS.

Special Thanks

ASUS (Equipments)
English Festival (PR)
U1 (Buddhist Sutra Chorus)
Nobuko Arai (Costume)